Scholarships – Overview and Instructions

SWCLETA provides funding for scholarships to any sworn officer within the five-county Southwest Region. Scholarships are provided on a reimbursement basis only. This means that agencies must fund the pre- approved scholarship expenses and then request reimbursement. A scholarship can be requested to cover all or partial cost of any training, including classes, workshops or training conferences. SWCLETA will grant funding for registration, training materials associated with a training, lodging and per diem. ALL TRANSPORTATION COSTS MUST BE COVERED BY THE DEPARTMENT OR INDIVIDUAL OFFICERS.  Scholarship applications should be requested at least 30 days prior to the start date of the class.  Applications not submitted within that timeframe may not be approved.

To Request a Scholarship, complete the on-line application on the Scholarships – Application page.

  • Fill out the form with the costs for a single officer’s attendance, then enter the number of officers attending at the bottom of the form.  The form will calculate the total costs of the scholarship based upon the number of officers entered in that field. 


  • Per POST, Per Diem amounts must be obtained from the U.S. Government’s GSA website (Click HERE for site) for meals and incidental expenses (M&IE) only for the city the training is being held in; the M&IE rate is located at the far right hand side of each city’s rates on the site.  Full per diem rates which include hotel are not to be used; only use the M&IE rate provided for each city.


  • If an officer is traveling home the same day they attended a training , that day is considered  a training day only and cannot be counted as a travel day on the form for per diem purposes.


Requests with missing information will NOT be considered.

NOTE: All fees must be requested at the time of the initial application. The board will review the request and may fund all or part of the request. Once the board has approved the application, the “contact” person listed on the scholarship application will be notified of the disposition of the application.

To Request Reimbursement

Once the course has been completed, the law enforcement agency will need to submit a request for reimbursement within 20 days from the last date of the class. The request must be accompanied by appropriate receipts. NO REIMBURSEMENT WILL BE PROVIDED WITHOUT A RECEIPT!

The following must be provided in order to receive reimbursement

1.     Completed Scholarship Reimbursement Form (expense report form)

2.     Proof of payment for registration (receipt, not invoice)

3.     ITEMIZED Hotel Receipt

  • A registration will NOT be accepted as receipt.
  • The hotel must include the nightly charge for the room and taxes for each night.
  • No additional charges will be accepted with the exception of internet access.

4.      Receipt for any training materials.

5.      Receipt for any parking costs.

6.     Receipt for any taxi or shuttle services.

  • Conus rates will apply (Click here to go to Conus Website)
  • Travel days will be reimbursed at 75% unless travel is completed on the last day of the class
  • If meals are included in the registration cost, the member may choose to eat at a different location, however, ITEMIZED RECEIPTS MUST BE PROVIDED AND ONLY THE COST DOCUMENTED ON THE RECEIPT WILL BE REIMBURSED. The cost of the meal may NOT exceed the CONUS per diem rate.
  • Receipts for per diem are not required except as noted above.

7.     Copy of certification or certificate of attendance-POST will not accept ANY other form of proof of attendance.