Law Enforcement Supervision and Management Course Description / Registration

This Course is sponsored by the Southwest Colorado Training Region, and is provided by the Public Agency Training Council.

Course Overview:

While some individuals appear to be born leaders, real and effective leaders and managers come from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds. The military is known for having recruited, tested, developed, and deployed leaders for more than 200 years, with success in providing first-line supervision in local areas around the globe, from a diverse American public whose only common trait was their desire to serve a cause greater than themselves. Similarly, law enforcement leaders and managers have risen from the ranks by being mentored by senior law enforcement leaders who helped them to find their voice and to express a vision of servant leadership that has made American law enforcement the most effective and democratic model of policing the world has ever known.  This course draws upon best practices of first line supervisors from various walks of life to prove that leadership and management excellence is attainable for today’s first responders in public service willing to challenge themselves to lead others from the front.

Upon Completion, Participants will be able to:

• Understand what true leadership resembles in a real-world environment
• Gauge their own strengths and weaknesses via the DISC personality assessment
• Appreciate others’ unique capabilities and growth areas
• Recognize how different generations prefer to be led in the workplace
• Use authority appropriately in providing first-line supervision
• Assess their own roles in inspiring a shared vision within their units
• Recognize how paradigms have aided and thwarted change initiatives
• Learn that the concept of time management is fine as a starting point, but remains fluid in the ever-changing and unpredictable law enforcement world
• Develop a renewed commitment to ethical leadership of ourselves, our subordinates, the communities we serve, and our families

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