Basic Criminal Investigations for Patrol and New Investigators – Course Description / Registration

This Course is sponsored by the SouthWest Colorado POST Training Region and delivered by the Public Agency Training Council.


Course Overview:


No matter what type of crime is under investigation, the fundamentals of criminal investigation remain the same. This course will build confidence in investigators by helping them apply determination, along with sound investigative practices, techniques, and procedures, so they will collect evidence in a way that ensures its admissibility in criminal proceedings.


This course will explore the importance of the crime scene and detail the duties and responsibilities of the first responders and investigators in preserving the scene and collecting evidence to support the integrity and success of the investigation. Participants will learn from actual case studies.


Upon Completion, Participants will be able to:

•   Identify and complete the elements of crime scene documentation
•   Distinguish indicators of the cause and manner of death to guide evidence collection
•   Assess gunshot wounds and blood evidence to support the investigation
•   Understand the role of various types of evidence in developing a successful prosecution
•   Become familiar with multiple sources of evidence, including technology sources
•   Work more productively and effectively with the prosecution team
•   Balance the public’s right to know with the defendant’s rights and integrity of the case
•   Engage the media in assisting law enforcement’s investigative efforts
•   Recognize legal issues surrounding investigations and warrants
•   Employ best practices for identification, interviews, and interrogations
•   Identify resources available from outside searches and investigative agencies

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