Interview and Interrogations Training

In conjunction with the Rocky Mountain HIDTA Region, the South West Training Region is pleased to be hosting a 40-hour Interview and Interrogation Training, at no charge to officers of the Region and other qualifying officers.  Set for Sept. 9-13 in Durango, the training is designed to provide officers with the ability to:

 – Identify and overcome the three barriers the subconscious mind uses to avoid cooperation or inhibit dialogue
– Understand the basics of gathering information and the rules for detecting deception in conversation
– Utilize a 10-step interview process and a 5-step scientific interrogation process to gather information
– Understand how to successfully use question types to meet the individual needs of the listener
– Recognize the key verbal phrases that indicate deception is present and have responses to counter them
– Learn how to match specific themes with the wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses of a suspect
– Discover how to successfully use body language for rapport building and deception detection
– Realize the importance of using their own communication skills to encourage cooperation from others
– Analyze statements more successfully and utilize affirmative tactics to solicit truthful responses
– Articulate more successfully their process to avoid court challenges and to establish reasonable suspicion
– Appreciate the need to conduct oneself ethically and professionally in gathering information from others

Please CLICK HERE to register for this event.