Force Encounters Analysis Course Description

Force Encounters Analysis

April 3-5, Durango, Colo.

Location: La Plata County Sheriffs Department Substation, Old National Guard Armory, 283 Girard, Bodo Park, Durango CO 81303


This course is sponsored by the Southwest Colorado LE Training Alliance, and the Human Performance Training Institute is the course provider.  The instructor is David Blake.

Force Encounters Analysis is one of the most important Law Enforcement Trainings available today.

Force Encounters Analysis is a practical and understandable course, based on unbiased, scientific evidence pertaining to officer-involved use of force (UOF) incidents.  The primary goal of the course is to assist LE professionals in applying ground-breaking concepts revealed in human performance research when engaging in force encounters, AND when investigating, reconstructing, recalling or otherwise analyzing a UOF incident.

The findings delivered in our course material have been directly credited with saving officer lives on the street, and preventing officers from being unjustly convicted of criminal excessive use of force. Human Performance training can help to decrease agency liability through pre-incident risk management and post incident forensic facts.

The topics covered in this course include some of the most controversial issues:

  • How do we close the gap between public perception and the truth of a UOF encounter?

  • What drives officer perception and why might it be different for officers on the same scene?

  • How perceptual distortions & stress-induced memory gaps impact accurate recall.

  • Action / Reaction science that may save your life or prevent unjust incarceration!

  • Scientific evidence providing reasonableness to the number of rounds fired during an OIS.

  • Scientific evidence explaining why officers may fire after a threat has objectively ended.

  • Were a suspect’s injuries in unlikely locations reasonable based upon current science?

  • The reasons our memory may conflict with forensic evidence.

This course covers additional investigative techniques to assist in analyzing factors that are often overlooked in UOF investigations to include: body camera & video evidence, methods of decision making and much, much more.

This course is designed for individuals throughout the law enforcement and military communities, including sworn officers, police psychologists, city attorneys, internal affairs, military members, UOF trainers, citizen oversight, Critical Incident Teams, and homicide detectives.

The mission of the Human Performance Training Institute (formerly California Training Institute) is to be the premier provider of specialized, cutting-edge training products, and safety and risk management services to law enforcement, government agencies, and aviation organizations. Learn more about us at


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