Crisis Intervention Teams Registration Information


* * * No SWCLETA scholarship application is needed for the CIT training * * *


Please read information below for details on how to register for the CIT training through Life Path


La Plata County Sheriff’s Office,

Durango Police Department, &

  Axis Health System


Crisis Intervention Team Training 2019


April 22-26, 2019

8:00 – 5:00 pm daily (Wednesday and Thursday may run until 5:30 pm)

Former Colorado National Guard Armory Building

283 Girard Street (Bodo Park), Durango, Colorado


CIT is an Authentic Community Policing Program

The primary objective of the training is to increase officer understanding of mental illness and to gain practical skills in communication and de-escalation, allowing them to respond safely and appropriately to persons in crisis.  This approach enhances officer and public safety while reducing officer injuries.

When CIT is successfully implemented, family trust and the bonds between law enforcement and the community are strengthened to form increased mutual understanding and respect.


Past CIT Trainee evaluation comments:

Excellent class! Provided insight to numerous issues I didn’t have any knowledge about. I wish I had this class 20 years ago!


“The actors were incredible. They made each scenario so realistic, and definitely opened my eyes in regard to dealing with people in crisis.


“Prior to this class I was very closed minded. After attending this class, it is nice to see a different approach and know it can work.”



 Registration will begin electronically at 8 a.m. on Monday March 11, 2019.



General Course Information & Registration

  • CIT is a 40-hour course of in-depth law enforcement training. Completion certificates and formal CIT uniform pins will be awarded to graduates.

  • All participants receive an electronic training manual that will include all topics taught during the course, as well as examples of policies in use by law enforcement agencies in rural Colorado. The electronic manual can be sent out in advance of the training so that participants may choose to print out a hard copy to bring to the training.  Otherwise all training materials will also be distributed on a flash drive the first day of training.

  • Please plan to arrive no later than 7:50 a.m. each morning so sessions can start promptly at 8:00 a.m.

  • On Friday afternoon, supervisors, family members of officers and other officials are invited to attend graduation with certificate presentation at approximately 3:30 p.m. CIT Officer of the Year awards will be presented at this time.

  • Meals and/or accommodations are NOT Participants are welcome to bring a lunch and eat on site. Coffee, tea and light snacks are offered throughout the day.

  • Help reduce waste – bring your own refillable water bottle and coffee cup to the training!

The course fee is $400.00 per person. Electronic pre-registration will begin at 8 a.m. on Monday March 11.  Please e-mail the following information for pre-registration to:           with all of the following information:

  1. Name

  2. Department/Agency

  3. Number of years in law enforcement

  4. E-mail address

  5. Mailing Address

  6. Phone (please specify work or personal)

  7. Indicate if applying for a SWCLETA Scholarship (Colorado sworn officers only)

If yes, include PID number

  • Your pre-registration will be confirmed by e-mail. Acceptance is on a first come first served basis and once the class is full, we will start a wait list.

  • After you receive confirmation, please confirm your spot in the training by remitting payment by Friday, April 12  to

CIT of SW Colorado

c/o Linda Lute, CIT Training Coordinator

Box 2023, Durango, CO 81302

Please Make Checks Payable to: La Plata County Sheriff’s Office – CIT

Questions?  Contact CIT Training Coordinator Linda Lute at 970-946-6465 or



Topics Covered in the Training


Communication and De-escalation Skills

This session is the heart of the CIT program and provides the foundation for the week long training experience. The presenter will discuss body language and non-verbal communication techniques that reduce fear, anxiety, and anger in persons attempting to cope in a crisis situation. You will learn key phrases and active listening skills that can reassure consumers that the officer is there to help.

Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression and Psychiatric Medications

Personality Disorders, Co-Occurring Disorders, Elder Issues, Child and Adolescent Issues, and Developmental Disabilities

Drug Symptomology

Tips on how to determine the use of illegal or prescription drugs. We will discuss signs and symptoms distinguishing a person impaired by drugs and a person with mental illness.


Client Rights, Statutes and Civil Commitment

Practical application of the Colorado Revised Statutes from the criminal justice perspective when handling cases involving persons with mental illness.

Suicide Assessment and Intervention & Suicide by Cop

Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Officer Self-Care


Consumer Panel  

The consumer panel is a powerful, open forum comprised of persons who have been diagnosed with a mental illness. The panel will offer insights into what they experience in crisis and what kinds of assistance are most useful.  They will also discuss their perspective and concerns when dealing with law enforcement.

The Family Perspective

Family members of persons with mental illness will discuss their concerns and which tactics have proved valuable when they decide to call law enforcement to assist in a crisis situation.

Role Plays – C WORX Training

Role play scenarios will be conducted throughout the week to build participants’ practical skills on the topics taught each day. The professional role players provide extremely realistic scenarios that are composites of real events dealt with by CIT Officers. The scenarios will increase in complexity as the training progresses and role play facilitators representing both law enforcement and behavior health will be on hand to coach participants on how to handle the various situations while improving officer safety. A separate detentions track of role plays will be offered to increase skills of detentions personnel specific to their work site needs.


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