Officer Survival Course Description / Registration

Date:  April 8-9, 2020, Wed.-Thu.

Time:  0730 – 1800 hours

Location:  La Plata County Emergency ​Operations Center,  221 Turner Drive, Durango, Colo., 81303

Course Description: This 20-hour course is designed for officers and deputies who want to develop the mental, physical, and tactical skills necessary for winning the armed and unarmed confrontation. Individual Survival Tactics and Ambush Prevention will be taught and practiced during realistic police response exercises. The officer learns through static drills and participation in realistic, practical exercises and scenarios. The force continuum and acceptable use of force responses are integrated into all tactics and techniques. This course goes beyond providing an understanding of technique; it provides the exercises and practice needed to develop skills that can be applied immediately upon completion of the course.

Your instructor for this course is Doug Pechtel of Countermeasures Tactical.  Since 1992, Countermeasures Tactical has been providing world-class tactical training to sworn law enforcement, military, and federal agencies. Countermeasures is recognized for its unparalleled skill and ability at integrating world class tactics with the law enforcement force continuum resulting in state-of-the-art, realistic, practical training that enhances an officer’s technical, tactical, and decision making skills while in a rapidly changing, high risk tactical environment. Countermeasures has provided tactical training to over 17,000 law enforcement personnel throughout the nation.