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Combat Thinking for Law Enforcement Officers Course Registration

Date:  March 18, 2019, Monday

Time:  8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Location:  *** Note New Location ***   La Plata County Sheriffs Department Substation, Old National Guard Armory, 283 Girard, Bodo Park, Durango CO 81303

Course Description:

This 8-hour training is a unique, highly informative seminar for officers filled with a variety of exciting topics.  This training is sure to be enlightening, providing law enforcers with tools to enhance their own survival skills and increase overall awareness in their job duties.

Combat Thinking for Law Enforcers is a comprehensive training which focuses on techniques designed to increase officer safety and overall attentiveness.  Combat thinking is a way of superior training utilizing mental preparation to distinguish and evaluate threats against police.

 Knowledge gained during this training is from current research and studies, which allows law enforcement officers to have a clear understanding of current threats dealing with danger.  A very rewarding seminar that will have you learning, laughing and understanding the need to be even better!

Topics Covered:  Handling Violent Situations, Stress Management, Positive Combat, Mental Vigilance, Lessons from the Military, Critical Incidents, Physiological Impacts, Survival Enhancement, Attitude of Survival, Aspects of Confrontations, Tactical Thinking, and others.


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